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We create an interface for client to post their request for support to resolve technical issues and to provide quick resolution of issues, 100% remotely and on line.

About Us

TKTIT funders have been working in Telecom Industry for more than 18 years, from technical expert roles to executive roles, within Mobile Network Operators and Equipment and Services Suppliers organizations.

Our Services

Tktit is an online portal to serve your technical and on demand scope based on talent expertise mobilized around the globe. We are committee our services excellency that matches our customer's business and achieve win business objectives

Network Design

Network Design

Tktit has the talent multivendor Expertise who can design customer Mobile/Fixed Network up to End to End level from RAN, Transport up to core level and IT security.

Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management

Ttktit provide End to End 2G Frequency planning, full guidance for Refarming in 2G/3G/4G network.

Capacity Management

Capacity Management

We have all the right skills, experiences to carry out network capacity dimensioning end to end for both mobile and fixed network.

Geo Marketing

Geo Marketing

Tktit has the capability to utilize mobile/fixed data to generate Geo-marketing use case that can support ecosystem and smart city governments.


Transformation Consultancy

We do have the expertise, Tools, and criteria that enable your business transformation into the digital era.

Data Mining

Data Mining

Big Data is a trend for future transformation, as tktit we help our operator to monetize their network data and increase their business revenue.

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Time - We are immediately working on assignment of your ticket and deliver fast solutions.

Expertise - Our Experts are carefully selected and brings the high quality services and resuls.

Mobile Telecommunications Industry
and Service support

In its first phase, TKTIT specialize in support of Mobile Telecommunications industry. We ensure 24/7 connectivity to allow to solve one technical issue, wherever it happens, with the right skilled support, wherever he/she is. Each ticket submitted and assigned will be answered by one expert report with proposal of workaround and fix solutions.

Our clients

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